Special Dates-Meetings



Dear Friends,

Like so many other places of worship and businesses throughout the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Second Church of Plymouth is currently supporting efforts to limit the spread and exposure of COVID-19 Coronavirus to others in our community by remaining closed for worship services until further notice. At the heart of the matter is our strong compassion and love for one another that we want to do our part to prevent any further spreading of this disease, so we hope that you understand and we ask for your patience and prayers. In the meantime, we will be offering virtual church services through Facebook and YouTube. If you would like to be included in the virtual service on Sundays, please contact Sherri Dyer at sdyer40@comcast.net or the church secretary at secondchurchplymouth@verizon.net.
Thank You,
Bill Dyer
Temp Moderator


Meetings:  are held at Second Church of Plymouth unless otherwise stated.

Church Council                                                          7 pm

Deacons                                                                  7:30 pm

Missions                                                                    10  am

Trustees                                                                      9:30 am

Stewardship/ PR                                                       7 pm

Youth Group                                                   TBA

Christian Education                                             10:30 am