Here’s what our congregation is saying:


Twenty-two years ago, we visited Second church and now are active members and attend most Sundays. I love the music ministry here. I found that as in the lyrics of the song, “Forever”: Forever God is Faithful, forever God is strong, Forever God is with us, Forever.God’s love and grace are always available to us, as we trust and tune in to receive it. I have seen the faithful work that is done. I feel the ever enduring love of God through the people of Second Church. – Susan English

“About 12 years ago my wife Susan mentioned to me, “There seems to be something missing in your life.” That something was going to church. I started to attend The Second Church of Plymouth in Manomet and have been there ever since. I found a wonderful congregation of people. God centered! I joined Second Church and have been a member ever since. I found that Love God and Love Your Neighbor were first and foremost in this church.” -Roy J. Zahreciyan

“For 24 years, the Second Church folks have been there for me, through the good times and bad. We’re not perfect (we’re all a “work in progress!”) but second church is my second family. I feel I always have an ear to bend and a shoulder to cry on if needed. Blessings.” -Laurie Savery

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“I like coming to Second Church because it feels like a family, very cozy and friendly.” -Dorothy Williamson